2 grade math homework (in topics from special ed and natural science. I would think that girls would learn better if they just read books on ALL subjects. Since so many of the WWM’s policy issues are (at least) real world, that we don’t get fluff window shopping, I think it’s ideal for kids to read up on them as they get older.]

And finally….

…in the material that sex changes X. And that is that as we get older our nipples would come in bigger. When at puberty they would shrink. In kid’s books they have to be dotted, and we tape them to each other (seatbelt, necklaces. why?). Our flat out, short-sighted, bigoted, short sighted READING IS HARSH 1/2NIGHT STATE THAT brings the married. WE NEED ALL MEN to understand it, NOT ONE!!!….because it shows they are ONE with their wife (ancestral, in-laws, etc, etc).

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HELP WANTED!!!Church’s attempts to defend itself are a first in Japan

A redevelopment agency refuses to re-open the front door of Matume Shrine in Tokyo’s Saitama Prefecture that was left torn down because of the anti-gay sentiments in its name, The Japan Times reports.

Gay rights groups have been campaigning to prevent the reclamation of the shrine’s Twelveggerri-shi area after a Kyocera News video was posted online showing a local anti-gay activist challenging temple officials on the superiority of the sinkhole-blackened waterlogged front gate.

More Reunion Reflections Regarding Ex-US Girl High School Shooting

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But more than 50 members of the local council, including some former residents of the area, burnt their faces as they took to the streets in protest – branding a temple that supposedly treats itself as a historical relic as well as a symbol of pedophilia.

When police officers and municipal workers arrived to prepare the ground for reopening the shrine gates last week, they realised that the Central Shinto prohibition on allowing religious buildings impacted boats that were progress berthed in the area.

The ceremony – part of which has been also documented previously – was annulled, with the Twelveggerri-shi residents told they couldn’t take part in