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Laplace transform solved problems

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Laplace transformations and their application
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Laplace was a French mathematician, astronomer, and physicist who applied the Newtonian theory of gravitation to the solar system (an important problem of his day).

Laplace Transform Example
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper describes the Laplace transform used in solving the differential equation and the comparison with the other usual methods of solving the…

Eigen Values And Vectors Philosophy Essay
Student Written Essay
Introduction: In mathematics, given a linear transformation, an eigenvector  of that linear transformation is a nonzero vector which, when that …

Importance of chemical reactor
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The most important unit operation in a chemical process is generally a chemical reactor. Chemical reactions are either exothermic or…

Types of Mathematics and Engineering
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Engineering is very broad branch and mathematics plays a very important role in it. As I had already discussed the use of mathematics in engineering.

Counter-measures to the Bullwhip Effect
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Bullwhip Effect which is Supply Chain Demand Amplification caused due to distorted information moving from one end of a supply chain to the other c…

Advances in Composite Laminate Theories
Student Written Essay
Introduction: This paper reviews the Composite Laminate Theories that have already been proposed and developed in the recent years. These theories mainly focus on…

Laplace transforms
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Laplace transforms used by control engineers who want to analyze transfer functions. A compact way of expressing process dynamics.

Autonomous Tennis Ball Picker Robot
Student Written Essay
Introduction:  The basic purpose of this project is to provide opportunity and benefit to the sports players. They can do more practice in less time with the help…

The central limit theorem
Student Written Essay
Introduction: The central limit theorem is the second fundamental theorem in probability after the ‘law of large numbers.

Concepts in Differential Privacy
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Stored data in search log is insecure process to the search engine. Search log contains extremely sensitive data, as evidenced by the AOL incident.

Problem solving in school mathematics
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Introduction What is a problem in mathematics? Types of mathematical problems (word and process) Research on mathematical problem solving Polyas…

Creative Problem Solving Skills
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Developing effective management skills to deal with specific challenges and problems of each organization is the urgent needs of many businesses and…

Problem Solving and Decision Making Strategies
Student Written Essay
Introduction: Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. Problem solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is…

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