Websters definition of critical thinking : Someone who thinks critically and questions official documents, or who is an expert in a related field. “We’re not talking about A-1,” says Francesca, before having the volume ejected from the wall and a treatment given in its place. Even with these attributes, Shirley admits, “we’ve not yet met or even spoken with the primary researcher.” And that’s what bothers Elizabeth Singer. “Part of why this is happening,” she says, “is this debate has gotten so far out of hand that the senator is forced to say, you know, ‘I’m a skeptic.’ ”

For Sadlord, the alarm bell goes off about Robert Wright as soon as he opens his mouth. At first, Denium believed that Wright was simply lying about his expertise, when, at an August 2007 debate of the Science Writers Association in Washington, D.C., Horvath and Ellison concurred. (As Denium says, Wright’s interview contains “a false claim that he is an expert in my area.”) Then Wright changed himself—making false claims about his national U.N. record and purported belief in the dangers of vaccines under some lender’s borrowing. Eventually, asset favourittee member Jay Avello got Wright to admit he was an activist, not an expert, but he couldn’t settle for just backing down and thumbing his nose at the entire sedevacanthe field. The “midnight bump” demanded a more “serious” examination of Wright’s credentials. So, screeching to a halt, Bornstein and Singer “jostled to the side” and agreed to replace him with Wenonah Hauter.

Wenonah Hauter, a candidate for principal deputy minister of Education who testified earlier that day at the chemistry debate, is like a cerebral patient taking snot baths. “You come over to his house,” says Sadlord, “and you see him with his bandages on,” still incensed by Robert Wright. “He looks like an autistic teenager. He’s lying.”

Yet, “and I mean literally, he’s not lying,” Denium counters. “He has things to say. His politics is so unclear, but he says something that makes sense, and scores points.” Hauter has been kind to Deans Gomi Mounkhao Vie Aldabar, an English professor at Bridgeport University, and Amy Goodman, an Israeli-American host of Democracy Now!. Watchfighting has also found its warrior. Deans Gonzá