What is citations in a research paper ?) GOOD. The CRC manager needs to be responsible.

That is really all of his points. Until I read some of these, I absolutely didn’t understand the organization of the CRC! At all! I am a complete rookie at filling in the gaps. (Hey, that’s a good thing.) I’m still going to make mistakes, but if I can correct them before the official publication, I’ll feel like a, well, grownups.

This website examines about 100,000 journal articles from over 15,000 publishers, focusing on review articles on steroid composition, natural products, lifestyles, and mainstream medicine. A partnership between what was once the world’s ‘bank of doctors’ is creating an entirely new App to educate physicians about the power of connecting with the latest scientific research.

Please join me in talking about the long overdue establishment of a certain place along the PhD Nurse Medicine lines—a place where the next set of insights the medical profession gets will guide each physician to be the best, healthiest and most compassionate doctor he possibly can.By Steve Babatunde, Roberts Check, April 12, 2014

Do Not Know Yourself Policy

Do Not Know Yourself (DOGS) is a guide to objective comparison of conflicting evidence. Part 1 (this article) details the methodology.

Representative activities and policies: Virtual record-keeping

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