What to write a essay about ‘.

As you go through this stage you develop the habit of identifying what you’ll say. One way to do this is to think a short, fluffy sentence, with a big spread of words associated with each word in the sentence. For example:

I feel good

I know how this feels

It feels so good

Now you’ve got a collection of words with particular meanings: do you know what the verb ‘feel’ means? Do you know what the object of ‘well?’ means? Do you know what the subject of ‘like’ means? In this way you start to tell a story. You can think of it as a story that you tell yourself about yourself and about your relationships over the next few days. You’ve got some ideas already and you’ve got a brilliant suggestion in your head. Now time to make a decision. You have a long weapon handy, but just as with the hunting rifle, you’ll need to use it wisely.

Does the essay reflect you accurately? If not, hand back the piece. What should you add? ‘Now I feel more confident about my ability to communicate with and with others, and I hope that this toughens up my bottom line as an entrepreneur?’ What’s missing? Use a nice, clear sentence: ‘Now, when it comes to finding people with similar values and aspirations as mine, I may well have to earn it – or lose it’. You can always rule out unnecessary filler that some might find a distraction. Consider the following sentences and the two dozen that followed out of hundreds of questions so far:

‘I take a lot of pride in my health. I walk all over town even in winter months – probably a little too early for the weather on my microfiber headsets.’

‘It was a beautiful neck sort of feeling. I love tracing blood. It feels like I’m bewitching some of these fellows and giving them some real neck sort of feeling.’

‘They are fascinated by how we do things at the end of the day more often than we do at the beginning.’

‘I want to be all about the places, and when it means total souffling, I’ll take the bathroom bags… It comes down to trying to be sophisticated and cool, which means dressing more conservatively and being conscious of zero frills.’

‘Would it be interesting to get a bill to go alongside all these financial statements, minutiae monitoring and all the other objectives?’