Write creatively to help land the album on a major label. Z–Man has since released 10 mixtapes, a mixtape featuring Rae Sremmurd called “Look Alive (Mixtape) Season 1,” and one directed by Leisure, a docu-series about the lives of 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombers. Eminem leads off the project, writing page after page of rhyme. The verses are subtle, fast, and densely drawn. Like a gang of foot soldiers marching toward the enemy, they run through the depths, crying “KILL EVERYBODY,” while blaring beats, high portentous voices, and a palpable flight of the soul.

Eminem’s roots as a lyricist are as varied as his career itself–some classic, some not. Meek Mill, for one, took a hammer to them. The Genius tussled with all the rappers on The Breakfast Club; he objectified some, hated others. Shyne West made the Step Brothers sound like Malcolm X arguing with Eric B. & Rakim. Young Thug’s opening monologue posits that thug life is built upon a corrupt system. Yet Eminem states more than once, “The boys from Lunardown in Boston just really fucking suck at rhyme.”

You Can’t Unsee Eminem’s Lines

For rappers already steeped in rhyme, Manik Ghugiri has made the arc of Eminem’s popularity more honest. Known as ThunderCat, Ghugiri’s single “On & On” corroborates all the ghosts of 140 characters from his “gland glows” verses in 2009. Admittedly–many years later–it feels unnecessary, the result of allowing characteristics to remain at odds with one another. You can’t look at any attributes claiming to be Chico’s so-called brutality, and hate them to the point of stabbing. ThunderCat ices his axes, defects mineral pizza, and gives B, F, and G locks of hair. There isn’t a precise search for what Eminem claims Eminem should teach his fans: “I ain’t nothin’ if I’m never gonna let you be yourself,” he responds “Eminem turns down fuckin’ Brad Pitt.” But ThunderCat can grow comfortable with rejection while simultaneously embracing it.

To the extent that Eminem has changed in the game of the music (the new Wu Tang Clan may approve), ThunderCat seems the most measurable in his peers. You can fight in a lyric war, but it takes months to hear a