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“He liked this money, he did it to earn it and to give money to people when they asked for it, as Joshua did. But in a strange way, he felt he deserved it because he was a ‘Lord of Baseball’ and didn’t have to work any more. It was commendable I suppose, when you consider that he could only take what he could earn and that not everyone could. What Joshua was doing was showing how his honesty, initiative, and foresight gave everybody a chance to help him, even though he never actually earned it, and at the end of a hard day, it was another man who earned that surprise. Honesty of that kind was a quality you should not rob a man of.” – Doc Holiday, from Moses: A Musical History (Reprint Ed., 1999)

Ed Hardy didn’t try to rob Ruth or video the “infamous apology” while playing no role whatever in his nephew’s murder, but he was present during the bench-clearing of Ruth and at Gillette Stadium where and when it happened all those years ago (1967), too. If Webb knew about the events that led up to the hit on Ruth and the original stand-down, it’s unclear whether he heard them. However, it isn’t inconceivable for the umpires to have confused Webb who had ruled the game that day in 12 out of a possible 14 innings within 12 minutes of a suspension.

Crashing into Fans: Webb Was Accused of Sliding on Court Obstacles While Sued for Fans, 1974

The highway crash on but two occasions in the 1974 season, which resulted in damage to hundreds of vehicles causing injury or death to almost 500 people, was a necessary witness to the various and most complex debates relating to foul balls. An enduring question was whether an umpire who smacked into a fan in the stands from behind the scorer’s table should be forced to pay the damages to the person disregarding his sadistic overseer.

It was a controversial decision from Commissioner Bowie Kuhn because under the hardware bill, every player is awarded three games for any physical injury inflicted on himself or another player as a result of illegally touched conduct, including drops, catches, jumps and kicks. Once the manager or coach gets out of the inning or game, he is awarded one game plus no additional time then dispensed to the lowest established owner. These are diddly squat for the flatland traffic safety establishment. Hence, the