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Over about the last 5 years since JB started using Bitcoin more and more, we’ve noticed a trend among traders to look somewhat confused and slightly skeptical towards the digital currency. We think this is in part due to misunderstanding what it is and how it works so it’s been our mission to help other traders learn what it is, really buying and selling between the bars on Bitcoin has indeed been a long and confusing process.

So now that we have the system laid out, we’re also fine merging Authenticated Digital Currency & Alternative Asset Trading (ADAT) trading between cryptocurrency and assets (see this article on using Bitcoin as account value):

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Please note that BTClevel tracking is very detailed information at the moment, and might change in the near future, so please take in all recent news & announcements versus providing at the Monero level.——We’d like to thank the participants of the 2013 SWITCH Fundraising Round, together with the SWITCH Foundation, without which none of this could have been possible. To attend these fund raisers, please visit: https://www.50gag.