Writing argument essay that that never works. After living with my younger brother and siblings for a few years, I learned to be frustrated with stereotypes about people from different cultures. I was put off by the cheerful demeanor of the closeted sexual gamer when Dr. Whack-A-Mole made a pass at me, or a middle-aged woman gets followed home in a stolen car and STILL manages to shield her modesty with her shoulder. I’m well versed in how culture works, and I wrap my head around how some people would rather label a person who doesn’t fit within their culture the “like target.” How we react when we’re told we’re bad or that we’re social pariahs. I learn to ignore such insults because from my standpoint, I am sleeping better, and I’m no longer struggling with a family crisis between me and my estranged siblings. This philosophy would make you withdraw, and being the stumbling block that Rob Johnson describes in his essay, is somebody I do not think I really want to be. However,, it also sort of makes me wish that I could have had a kid when I was young, and start ready. I have since had a daughter, who is a beautiful, awesome woman. As Rob describes, we still stick with success and failure, literally as much as possible.

Last but certainly not least, I expected that by now this post was going to feature Tony Robbins. I got hooked on his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, which is ultimately about staying anchored in a positive consciousness. Our culture is becoming more and more grounded in a culture where belief derived from where you are, not outside of yourself, is the gospel. Unlike the hackneyed idea from the same book, “mental homeostasis” is a much healthier, and promising technique to helping us maintain a positive perspective on life. This may seem obvious, but I trust that you, dear reader, will acknowledge it now and continue to believe it over time as well. This is what is so important about believing in belief derived from where you are, not outside of yourself.


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