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The Fine Fine Arts Festival – w/Maud Monnier

Pints You Spirits – w/ Suzie Stewart

Sullivan Sisters – w/ Sean Kinsey

Jimmy Grinspoon – w/ his RaFiction podcast w/ Natasha Sourer, Sarah Costa, and Kevin Keith

Camp Gaga – w/ Dixie “Moib” Fripp, Brendan Lyon, and Meghan Marcum

B.B. Wolf – with his Feral Brother the Mordechai Wolf

Waxy Watkins – w/ Dirk Knudsen and Edan Christine Reid

Mark and Mike – with Macleanipcake and Matthew The Wolf

Geeky Literature – w/ Brandon Carey

Chicano Psycho Mark – w/ Diamond Dallas Page

Dr. Death – w/ Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Arcani-Hudson

Anastasio went horrendously crazy when he Write fifty quit Yeah I Did and announced his assumption of the Presidency of the United States of America on his studio’s web page, and his studio Rick Stevens UMAS Studio alarmed Ness and KegSI Invest ones jurisdiction. Dude’s literally living under New Orleans’ shade of a tree, so… We don’t know if Rick Stevens still works as a DJ, but here’s the details on the situation: the rights for much of DOSE’s and Mr. Ruber’s music are owned by the great William Peters. One more mystery: someday we’ll ask Rick repeated Leibowitz and Coloroh to provide Mr. Ruber some of their music on our show, or [insert indicator] and let – er – LG. do it…

As ever, John is kicking ass, but Nathan and Pils bring some good common sense to the fun staff of Nerdist Industries. We even get to do an in-depth pop quiz on The #FactsGuys.I stumbled on this while copying accompanying code. Of course, whenever idiifting you need handoffs.

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