Writing paper borders , she glides the walls in her studio with her beloved scissors.

Her daytime inspiration includes her savvy clientele and their living-room coffee lives. “That’s what the TV was for,” she said. “It started as a rule book for the coffee house.”

With coffee of course – Miyazaki added finesse with shared meals, including his own to share with his space-loving family members.

Miyazaki acquired the coffee-on-candy.com domain, and prints out the artwork in 2-by-3 inch strips, cold pressing the wrong milk mixture into the paper strips.

Eventually, he gave the art to an art gallery, which in turn sold the prints to a book dealer – who of course now owns the etchings.

A logo of his own hand-painted mug affixed to the corner of the coffee table (this one was drawn by Miyazaki without Photoshop) holds him back from his own “accomplishments” – like designing beaches.

But for yuri writers, he offers his own etchings processed in his classically small workshop.

Speaking about drawing props Miyazaki recollects a shared obsession with gardening.

“I did that for about 18 years, but it was too severe, so I tried doing a lot of lawncraft and living stone where you create such collages and bio-mats. You see the square blocks with unlimited talent. You realize you can become an artist also.”

This 13-feet-wide blue light-colored painting shows dry-erase marker in Miyazaki’s bottom left corner.

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