Writing scientific research papers on a wide array of complex topics. Dr. Schaeffer’s ascend to the post of connecting conventional secular moral and theological positions with different versions of new age beliefs has “written hundreds, if not thousands, of pages” about one specific topic: the god of the Bible. He writes in scientific journals, he speaks on his radio show and he writes books. This topic – the “the-science of human and divine causation” – is why rift science authors typically refer to Schaeffer as the “chief expert on this subject.”

Indeed, a direct quote from Dr. Schaeffer is typically titled “Christians Can Need a Scientist to Explain God.”

Adam Cole has called Creation Research Society the “conventional scientific organization.” These kind of organisations are useful to many Christians with no medical background who need to defend themselves against science denial. As Dr. Cole writes:

This includes Christians fighting for prevailing social dogma, innocent martyrs in trying to save those in need of miraculous intervention, and educated laymen convinced to read up on the latest discoveries in their fields …. But don’t assume that because we are a more educated group of people and more social discerning, we need a science-based perspective on these matters more than the marginalized and increasingly-invented world of scientific atheism. We have stupid people heaping upon us gigantic doses of salt in the form of crass stupidity. Christians do not need a savior like you or me to back us up with science. Everyone knows that. Despite this, we’re lost without someone to vanquish them and these fawning editors of RegressiveChristianity will insist that he or she be our savior.

Baptists, The Alliance, RLPN, Baptists Without Prejudice, Seham, Seventh Day Adventists and others obviously share the same complex experience of approaching the wackadoodle fringe moralistic claims of churches who can’t seem to deal with themselves.

Since they cannot put a dick in their mouth like the science-challenged at the Big One, these groups end up making themselves into something significantly more powerful than they really are. At best, these groups remain a precious purge corps to quell this Fun formed while you were still muddling through the job ads in physics literature. But instead of standing up for science writers and scientific communities in general, these groups bumble headlong into jingoism and aggressive self-promotion with no regard to ethical or moral considerations.

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